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Gain a mathematical edge. We will find the best games for you to bet on

The BD-Sports Matrix Informational Approach


The tools we use

BD-Sports Matrix uses a combination of mathematics and statistics to formulate sports picks for football, basketball and baseball. Our approach is calculated and educated, which produces a quality sports picks for you. We find the games for you to bet on

What bookmakers won't tell you is that they crunch numbers, evaluate risk and employ the use of quants, which specialize in the application of mathematical and statistical methods to determine financial risk. Then the data is inserted into algorithms, which are specifically designed to mathematically stack the odds against you


Our promise to you

As most of you know, nothing in life is guaranteed. This is no different. There are many folks out there who make guarantees with their sports game picks, telling you about how many "wins" they have, bragging about this and that. Please read this twice: "They are being dishonest"

Our promise to you is that BD-Sports Matrix will provide you with the very best calculated sports picks based on mathematical analysis. If you happen to lose your bet, BD-Sports will provide you with your next pick for free 


Dream of financial freedom

Just imagine freedom. Financial freedom means many different things to different people. To a teenager, it might mean having their own place, driving their own car and cutting ties with the Bank of Mom and Dad. To a young adult, it might be constant bottle service at the nicest clubs, having $100,000 cars and buying whatever they want to buy. To someone in retirement age, it might mean never having to work again. Still, to others, financial freedom simply means never having to worry about food on your plate or a roof over your head

Regardless of how you feel about it, money is what makes the world go around. Financial freedom can help you achieve your goals and live the life that you want. We will suggest the very best games for you to wager on, so you can win

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